Just come across this on Google Analytics

This screenshot is for the Analytics of http://liblists.sussex.ac.uk/ (our reading list system) – and shows the referring path for referrals from ‘twq.com‘ – i.e. the referring url show here is http://www.twq.com/10january/docs/10jan_overholt.pdf

This page doesn’t exist, and redirects you to another site, the nearest match is https://csis.org/files/publication/twq10januaryoverholt.pdf 
You wont be able to access unless you are connected to an organisation which subscribes to the journal, essentially this is just a traditional journal article. However a key point is at no point does it mention or link to our website. So why are we getting hits to our site which were referred from this PDF?

But then, looking at the screenshot above, it seems as if the PDF is linking to all manner of pages on our reading list site, including reading lists for subjects  which have nothing to do with this article, the main homepage of the site, and some admin pages. Google Analytics says these are actual landing pages, not just pages visitors have accessed once they reach the site from this page. So why are we seeing links to many pages on our site from one referring page, when that page seems to contain no such links?

One clue comes when we use the Primary Dimension to look at other properties about referrals from this page, especially regarding the user. For example, all users use Firefox 3.6.24, all users have the exact same version of Flash, and the same screen resolution, and from the same region. You get the picture. It’s likely they are the same person. At this point I can only suspect that it is either a bug in a plugin or firewall which is showing an incorrect referral for any web request they make (to any site?), or – and this is just speculation – this was deliberate, perhaps for SEO purposes?

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