Just over a year ago our Special Collections moved from the Library building to a new purpose built archive just down the road, shared with a couple of local councils. Stand in the proximity of our Special Collections’ staff long enough and they’re mention it was opened by the Queen.

On moving to The Keep they also got a new (rather nice) shared discovery service, provided by Orangeleaf . Each partner stills maintains their own archive management system, and uploads the contents in to the discovery service.

We run the Calm archive management system, and used CalmView public web catalogue / discovery service. Since the move to The Keep we have pushed those going to CalmView towards the new site. And in the last few months increased the messages so it was impossible to miss. Google Analytics confirmed that usage had become minimal. Last week I shutdown CalmView.

As a note to self I moved the cname (specialcollections.lib.sussex.ac.uk) to a locally administered general use web-server, and set up some redirects to the new site, hence anyone following an old URL will be sent straight to The Keep’s website, rather than a dead web service.

Setting up a standard redirect is easy, though I always forget that ‘RedirectPermanent oldsite/ newsite.homepage.com’ will add the path of the old and add it to the new. Redirect Match can help with this.

I decided that while the traffic coming in was so low it didn’t warrent much time being spent, it would be nice to redirect straight to the matching record on the new site if possible.

On the old CalmView site the URL to a record took the form


SxMS41 being the record number. On the new site the same record would be


Thankfully by mod_rewrite worked first time, here below for my own future reference.

It first matches on ‘/CalmView/Record.aspx’ and uses the id field (which is saved in the %1 from the RewriteCond)  to create the new url and a http 31 (permanent redirect).

Otherwise, for all other urls, it just takes them to The Keep homepage.

Finally, a couple of lines that should never be needed, which just use Apache redirects rather than mod_rewrite.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} id=(\w+)
RewriteRule ^/CalmView/Record.aspx http://www.thekeep.info/collections/getrecord/GB181_%1? [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^ http://www.thekeep.info/ [R=301]
RedirectPermanent /index.html http://www.thekeep.info/
RedirectPermanent / http://www.thekeep.info/

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